Evils of Money:

Money is facilitating us in many ways but it is not an unmixed blessing. There are many drawbacks associated with money. Money has proved dangerous in several ways.

Economic Instability:- Money is blamed for causing inflation if it is gone out of control. Hence money in the economy can affect in adverse ways. It also upsets debtor- creditor relationship when money is quikly loosing its value.

Wealth Inequalities in the economy:- Money has proved to be a very convenient tool for amassing wealth and of exploitation of the poor by the rich. It has created a yawning gap between ‘haves’ and ‘not haves’ and this only because of existence of money.

Moral depravity:- Money has weekend the moral fiber of man. The major evils in the society are only because of money. People killing others for only money, judges giving selective judgments for money, cause of theft and murder, cause of deception and betrayal. In pursuit of accumulating money we sell our belief and laws killinga the rights of others.


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