What is important to check before going on a drive?

Drive is always very important and enjoyable but some times the drive become a bad memory and cruel experience because of only our ignorance and fault.
We think that the drive is all about only to drive the car on the road but the driving is more then that. There are some important things to check. Before seating in the car go to your car’s trunk. Check out these thinge

  • Spare Wheel with Air Pressure.
  •  Hydraulic Jack.
  • Wheel Wrench.

After checking these stuff now come to your car’s front bonnet open it and check out some important things. Most important is to check the level of engine coolant in the radiator and in its spear tank.  This is important because the car engine cannot work without coolant and will burn out if there is no sufficient Coolant in the radiator.
After that now check out the engine oil by dragging out the oil gauge form the engine and check the level is on the right point of the gauge or not if it is ok then put it back if not then put some oil and check again .After completing the oil check now check the wind shower tank if the level of water in it is low then fill it up with water to the right level. The battery of your car also want some attention, check the level of acid in your car’s battery by opening the caps one by one, if the level is low in some of the cell then fill them up by battery acid, if the battery acid is not available don’t worry, use the fresh water. You can also check the level of break fluid.
Do you think that the car is now ready for ride, No . Now sit in your car put the key in the ignition switch turn the it on ,There are some caution lights in your car’s dashboard . The light of  Power Generator, Engine Oil, Hand Break, Engine check , and some other lights but important are mentioned above. Now Turn the Key to the Ignition point (start). The Engine will start now check these lights all the lights must turn off if the functions are proper, if any of these lights not turned of then we have to check the problem. Let suppose the break light is on check out the hand break if it is tight then release the break the light will turned of, if not then there is a problem with your car’s breaks. The break fluid is low, if the fluid is on the right level then the pads of the breaks are burned out, go to your service shop by driving slowly and get the treatment for the breaks.
While driving there are some other things on which u have to keep an eye

  • Temperature Gauge
  • Fuel Gauge
  • All the Caution Lights


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